November 21, 2021: Christ The King

Let us pray: Dear Savior, You alone are our King!  You alone have shouldered all  the responsibility of guarding, keeping,  and saving us.  You alone have died for our sins to set us eternally free so that we can live forever with You in paradise.  Today accept our praise.  Amen


TEXT:  John 18: 33: “Are you the king of the Jews?”

Dearly Beloved By The King of All Creation: 

          “Uneasy lies the head  that wears the crown.”  That’s a famous line from Shakespeare’s play:  “Henry IV.”  And it’s true of all leaders.  From little child on, I’ve felt and still feel that the best form of government would be a benevolent dictator or king.  Things would actually get done.  It would be very efficient.  But the key word in this equation is “benevolent.”  That means kind and totally just.  However, since all people are sinners that is an impossibility.  So, any such leader will be and should be uneasy if they have any sense of responsibility.  For the “buck stops with them.”

          Over the past year O how things have changed!  Gas prices have almost doubled.  The vaccinations touted as wiping out covid have proven ineffective—even Dr. Fauci has admitted they “lose effectiveness” after about 6 months, hence the “booster.”  Economically things have gone from boom just two years ago to stuttering and staggering baby steps.  Masks are still with us.  And basically all we get is a lot  of finger pointing on the news.  The question is: who is responsible?  Better yet, who is willing to take responsibility?  Do our political leaders sleep well? 


          In all history there is only one leader who deserves to wear the crown.   It is God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  He alone is King of all creation.  And He alone has assumed ultimate responsibility  for any and all sin.  That’s why He was born—to save us.  That’s why He suffered in Gethsemane and sweat out those “great drops of blood.”  He wrestled with the responsibility of saving human souls all the way to Golgotha and then completed His work of redeeming our eternal souls on the cross when He finally exclaimed: “It is finished.” And breathed His last breath.  You and I know how weighty it is to be responsible for family, friends, church members, and those God puts in our path.  So we sleep uneasily and live with decisions we often regret.  That’s because we cannot see the future and quite frankly are scared by it.  But not Christ, our King!  He was singular in purpose.   He never flinched or backed away from the cross—even here before Pontius Pilate.  God is love.  Christ is all about forgiveness, or love in action. 


          The simplistic response to all this is: “Well, Jesus was Divine and Perfect.  He knew the future, so He knew how it would all turn out.” That’s true, except He was also fully human. And while in the flesh on this earth He didn’t always use His divine powers.  So, like us, He felt pain—both physically and emotionally.  Like us, He grieved as at Lazarus’ tomb.  Like us He wrestled with “people problems” and tried to help folks such as Judas from  losing his soul to the dark side.  We can never fully understand what our Responsible Savior went through in saving us.  Those words: “He humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even death on a cross” should always give us pause….

          His responsible nature cost Him His life.  But it also won us eternal life!  From death came victory!   Easter is our proof. Easter also shows us that our living Lord continues to exercise compassion in our lives making sure that  “all things now work for good to those who love God.”  This is the King I want ruling over me every day!  This is the Leader I long for!  And by faith, you and I have Him!   That’s why today on the final Sunday of the Church year we celebrate and praise Christ The King!  Amen

THE peace of God…..

Pastor Thomas H. Fox

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